Le premier jour

Our Approach

Our Vision

The managerial function is at the heart of any sustainable organizational performance

11% of variations in GDP per capita depend on how people are managed within companies (source: Gallup Study, State of the Global Workplace, 2018)

Managers are still insufficiently supported in this role

93% of HR directors believe that new ways of working will disrupt managerial practices (source: ANDRH / BCG Study, 2020)

Current changes in the world of work, particularly the need to engage and retain employees, highlight the need to reinvent and rebuild the role of the manager

75% of managers observe a shift in expectations from both their teams and leaders (source: Apec Study, 2020)

Our Mission

Le Premier Jour supports managers and leaders in fully embracing their roles while thriving and leading their teams towards sustainable and responsible performance in service of their organizations and stakeholders.

Coaching by Le Premier Jour

Economic and social changes, technological disruptions, and managing uncertainty are all ongoing drivers of change that managers and leaders must navigate daily.

Guiding our clients as a ‘thinking partner’ is at the cornerstone of our coaching approach.

Le Premier Jour supports your professional journey by providing a space for reflection and stepping back from your responsibilities, enabling you to achieve an optimal and sustainable balance between performance, efficiency, as well as personal and professional development.

Our approach is highly practical and firmly rooted in the daily realities of the managers and leaders we work with. With empathy and always respecting our clients’ “world’s view”, we help cultivate a fresh perspective on things. This gradual process builds trust and ignites the desire to take action and experiment with new approaches.