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Leaders and their teams must contend with constant changes, from economic, societal, and environmental shifts to technological disruptions. Le Premier Jour is a coaching firm dedicated to supporting managers, executives, and their teams in navigating skillfully in such an ever-changing landscape. We bring our clients a space where they can take a step back, reflect and take the most appropriate course of action, with the aim of achieving an optimal balance between performance, efficiency, as well as personal and professional development.

Our mission

Le Premier Jour supports managers and leaders in fully embracing their roles while thriving and leading their teams towards sustainable and responsible performance in service of their organizations and stakeholders.


Executive Coaching

Le Premier Jour supports the leadership development of managers and senior executives.


Management skills development

Le Premier Jour helps companies develop the managerial skills of their managers through coaching and training.

Team coaching & group facilitation

Le Premier Jour guides all teams, from operational to leadership, in building the foundations for better cohesion in the pursuit of collective performance.
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Our strengths at your service

At the heart of the business world
Our approach is rooted in the real world, the one our clients face every day. Our deep knowledge and experience of the economic and business realms enable us to have a good understanding of the challenges faced by the managers and leaders we work with.
At the heart of the world of work

Continuous reflection and exchanges regarding the transformations in the ways of  working enable us to anticipate certain weak signals and present them to our clients to design relevant interventions.

Individual and Collective Interventions
Working solely with managers and executives is not always sufficient, especially in transformational contexts. In this regard, working with teams, both operational and leadership, enhances the impact of our interventions.

We operate in accordance with the ICF (Internation Coaching Federation) Code of Ethics. This commitment aims to ensure that our clients are served based on strong ethical principles.

Network of partners
Le Premier Jour is connected with professionals in the coaching industry whose values align with ours, enabling us to operate worldwide in service of our clients.
Bespoke Approach
Le Premier Jour tailors its services to the specific needs of our clients. Since no two coaching engagements are the same, we adjust our interventions according to our clients’ requests and goals.



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