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Who are we ?

Executive Coaching

Founded in 2018, Le Premier Jour supports the development of leadership in managers and senior executives.

Management skills development

Le Premier Jour helps companies develop the managerial skills of their managers through coaching and training.

Team coaching & group facilitation

Le Premier Jour guides all teams, from operational to leadership, in building the foundations for better cohesion in the pursuit of collective performance.


A certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation, my career’s common thread for nearly 25 years has been supporting businesses. For two decades, as a banker, I applied my expertise to help corporations thrive by financing their growth initiatives. My work demanded essential interpersonal qualities, which continue to drive my current practice : active listening, understanding and analyzing needs, and facilitating strategic thinking.

In 2018, I founded Le Premier Jour to guide managers and leaders as an Executive Coach. The combination of my professional experiences provides me with a solid understanding of my clients’ human, economic, financial, and technical challenges. This enables me to intervene in a highly relevant manner, aligning closely with the realities experienced by the leaders and companies I support.

Lastly, drawing from my managerial background, I possess a heightened sensitivity to the complexities involved in ensuring the efficient and high-performance functioning of a team.


Le Premier Jour teams up with a network of partners (coaches, lawyers, psychologists, consultants) who align with our values. This enables us to operate globally.


Our clients are international or medium-sized companies. We work with companies from various sectors: Banking, Private Equity, Fintech, Advertising, Consumer Goods, Selective Retail, Energy…

Select recent assignments


Context: Promotion to a senior management role


Objective: Leadership development, increase ability to get buy-in from the team and stakeholders, enhance position as a member of the Executive Committee.

Organization / Delegation

Context : Manager facing stress due to a heavy workload

Objective: Developing time management skills and improving delegation.

Assertiveness Coaching

Context: Coaching a female talent (“high potential”)


Objective: Enhancing her assertiveness, increasing visibility, and preparing for significant leadership responsibilities.

Professional Development

Context: Career transition

Objective: Improve self-awareness, identify motivations and values, define a professional project, and provide support for its implementation.

Influence Capability

Context: Manager in a cross-functional role    

Objective : Developing the ability to influence and successfully lead projects without hierarchical authority over the teams.

Interpersonal Relationships

Context: Dealing with difficult interpersonal relationships

Objective: Enhance interpersonal skills, particularly focusing on interpersonal communication and conflict management.

Group coaching

6-Month coaching of an operational team to foster cohesion, strengthen collaboration, and review the team’s operational practices.
Seminar designed to bolster the cohesion of the Executive Committee members around a shared vision.
Seminar aimed at prompting senior leaders to reflect on the challenges facing their Executive Committee as part of the strategic planning process.
Seminar aimed at fostering better collaboration within a team comprising French and British employees in the context of a cross-border project.
Seminar aimed at aligning the perspectives on challenges and opportunities of a sales team and developing a prioritized action plan.